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Manajit Ghoshal

Author of “The Journey”

About The Author

Manajit Ghoshal (MG) is a Poet, Philosopher, Finance Wiz, business leader and Entrepreneur. If that seems disparate, that’s what he does best……to straddle between seemingly unconnected nuances and establish a method in the madness MG started his career as a trainee in Hindustan Lever and then branched out to various functions in strategy and corporate finance. He has been associated with companies like KPMG, Cadburys, Johnson, Searle India, CMS Computers and Midday. He was the MD & CEO of Midday and was rated amongst the top 100 media professionals in the country by media magazines and websites. He was the first to sell cross media packages in India and championed many changes in the Media industry as an executive member of the Indian Newspaper Society. He has many firsts to his credit.
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About The Book

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The Journey is a story of a family across a century and spread over 3 continents. It starts during the second world war. It explores the life in the booming metropolis of Calcutta and Mumbai in India. A branch of the family migrates to Ireland and gets involved with the IRA. The journey then travels through America and experiences the Twin tower tragedy first hand. It then takes a U-turn and comes back to Mumbai to experience the horrific shooting by terrorists. Through the filter of a family's journey, the story explores the nuances of Love, betrayal, courage, and sacrifice.

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